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Пропаганда Третьего Рейха - Плакаты



Europe is prepared

Defend Belgium on the eastern front, join SS Panzer Division "Wallonie"

Защити Бельгию на восточном фронте. Вступай в дивизию SS  "Wallonie"

Come with us. SS Panzer Division "Wallonie"

 SS Panzer Division "Wallonie"



Abandoned people, trust German soldier


Jewish conspiracy against Europe


Victoria. Crusade against Bolshevism




Northmen, fight for Norway


Friendship of Waffen-SS and Norway Legion against common enemy, against Bolsheviks


Join Norway Ski batallion


SS ski-battalion Norge




German soldier is a guarantor of victory




 22 июня 1941

Red Army soldier, you choose: death or life


Germany's power grows every day... this is why Germany will be victorious


Under the Jewish banner


Crush Jewish comissar. Your fight is useless. Your situation is hopeless




Do you know who is this person? This is Jacob Dzhugashvili, Stalin's older son... He surrendered because all resistance to the German Army is futile




And your labor is defended against Bolshevist destruction


Serbia is a member of anti-communist front


Dear Lord, let my land always be mine


English message to the Serbian people































Churchill orders you...
























Гитлер освободитель





















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